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Easy!Appointments Patch Utility Script

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What Is This?

What is this?

The Easy!Appointments Patch Utility Script is a single-file PHP script that you can use to keep your installation safe, in case you are unable to upgrade to the latest release.

Normally, it is highly advised that you always update to the latest stable version, in order to get the latest code, features and compatibility standards, but if this is not possible you may still keep your installation safe and working by using the Patch Utility Script.

This page contains all the information you may need in order to use the script.

Getting Started

Getting Started

The Patch Utility Script is a single-file PHP script without dependencies. You can download and place it in the root directory of your Easy!Appointments installation right next to the index.php file.

The script is by design extremely simple to use: you just need to open it in the browser or run from within a CLI session with php patch.php.

Behind the scenes, the script will go through the available patches and apply them to your installation.

What Is This?


The Patch Utility Script is compatible with PHP 5.6 or newer, and it can patch Easy!Appointments 1.2 or newer.

If you are using an older PHP or Easy!Appointments version, you must manually update to a newer one.

Feel free to contact if you are not sure on how to proceed.

Installation Screencast

The following screencast demonstrates the installation and usage of the Patch Utility Script.


The Patch Utility Script stores the applied patches in a file called patch-log.php and it will only try to apply new patch files, once they become available. This means that you can execute the file multiple times without causing any problems. You may check patch-log.php in order to see which patches were applied successfully and which ones didn't.

Patch Conflicts

Under the hood, the script is using Git patch files to update your local installation files. Just like with Git, in order for a patch file to be applied correctly, the original code must match, with the one in the patch file, otherwise the script will detect a conflict. This is more common for installations that contain modified files and will require the attention of a developer to resolve them. The Patch Utility Script will output a message like the one below, informing the user that there was a conflict with one of the applied patch files and that the user must download it and install it manually.

IMPORTANT: The patch "010-1-4-config-secure-cookie-value.patch" cannot be applied, because your local codebase is customized. Download and apply it manually:

Permission Problems

Since the Patch Utility Script is creating new files nad makes changes to existing files, it will need to be able to have the right access permissions for the local filesystem. This is primarily a common issue with unix based operating systems, so before you execute the file, make sure the Easy!Appointments folder permissions are set correctly and recursively.

PHP Errors

By default the script is configured to output all PHP errors, warnings exceptions etc, so if you get any of those, feel free to create a new thread in the Community Support Group and have experts analyze and troubleshoot the problems.